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25 days ago
Picture the scene: in 1977, at the height of the Cold War, US President Jimmy Carter visits Poland.
However, a translation error turns his curiosity into an unexpected “craving.” A simple #interpreting error made Carter’s visit a legend and a permanent target of Polish jokes. 🤦‍♂️

These kinds of #translation mishaps have frequently influenced #international relations in the past.

Be it diplomatic mix-ups, cultural misunderstandings, or simply inept translators - #language plays a key role in #diplomacy . 🗝️

Our latest ACT blog post looks at the “Top five translation mistakes,“ that led to diplomatic misunderstandings.

Learn more about the astonishing, bizarre, and instructive moments of history when words changed the world. 🌎

👉 Discover the power of language in diplomacy with us!

#politics #localization #translationfails #interpreter #interpretation #fail #fails #culture #power #top5 #lostintranslation
ACT Translations
25 days ago
“Countries have gone to war because they misunderstood each other.” - Nicole Kidman in “The Interpreter.” 🎬✨
(A top movie recommendation!)

This powerful statement underlines the vital role of #translators in #diplomacy .

In a world where every word has the potential to build or destroy relations, they are the unsung heroes behind the scenes. 🌍🔍

For example, are you aware of the dramatic consequences of translating the English word “race” into the German word “Rasse”?

Or how an incorrectly interpreted word during the Cold War could almost have triggered an #international crisis?

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of diplomatic #language skills and discover why every word counts in diplomacy. 📜🖋️

Interested? Then take a deeper dive on our ACT blog! 🤓

#politics #translation #localization #translationfails #interpreter #interpretation #culture #power

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